Who we are

We are Dog Respawnsible. A registered and truly none profit organization that we have as a sole purpose to give help to man’s best friend. We are the proud creators of Dog Respawnsible ‘save a life’ scheme. A concept idea inspired out of our love to man’s best companion and our need to strive our best so we can offer better living conditions to our 4 legged friends. This unique concept idea was created and implemented by The Body Shop as part of our corporate social responsibility and is driven by our love to animals and our need to help the weak. Today what has started as a noble idea it has evolved to a major project involving many, big and respectable companies in Cyprus. The initial idea involved having only companies helping this noble cause however in the process many individuals have asked that they also offer a donation and help so today the scheme ‘save a life’ can be joined by both companies and individuals. All founding members of this scheme have worked pro bono and have offered their services free of charge, out of their own love to dogs.

How it works

The main idea involves many companies or individuals offering on a monthly basis or when they can afford to do so, a minor sum as little as 5 or 10 euro and that amount is used to feed, offer medical assistance and shelter dogs who need our help. We offer help to any dog who needs our help. That might be a stray in bad condition we found in the streets or shelters.

Our Mission

Our short term mission is to help as many dogs as possible and to offer immediate help and support to our animal friends. Food, meds and shelter. Our long term mission is to grow to the biggest worldwide organization dedicated towards helping dogs as well as create a dog shelter for the elderly dogs so they can spend the last stages of their life joyful, with a full happy belly, healthy hugged and kissed.


For transparency reasons all amounts are deposited to an open for inspection account in RCB Bank. Also at the end of each year the financial results are been audited and published.

How you can help us
There are so many ways that you can help us. First of all simply giving food and water to a stray dog you find in the streets is already big enough help for us. However in case you would like to be more active towards helping us, you can either make an instant donation or register to donate a small amount of 5 or 10 euro each month. 5 or 10 euro each month may mean nothing to you but many people donating ‘nothing’ it becomes ‘something’, it becomes food and shelter to the ones who need us, to our best friends who are always offering us unconditional love and dedication. So, please, just skip a coffee every month and donate the same amount of that coffee to our cause. If you have a four legged faithful friend in life who eagerly awaits for you to go home and spend time with you or if you have had a faithful friend who is not with you any more, honor his memory by helping other doggies. They need you, we need you. Show us that you are still human. Contact us today to find out how you too …’’can save a life’’.

Founding members

Creator and founder

Mr Marios Kyriakou & Mr Yiannos Spyrou

Design of web page

Mr. Michalis Vasiliou
from ‘Light black solutions’


Mr Panagiotis Panagiotou
from ‘Panagiotou Law’


Accounting / auditing

Mr. Nikos Mina


Hellenic Bank